Student Information

ICEC offers discounted Student Member registration rates for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students as well as fellows and residents. Registration details coming soon!

How to Plan Your Attendance at a Professional Meeting or Conference

In 2016, AACE Past President and long-time member Bob Chamberlain presented a webinar for conference attendees, primarily geared toward students and early career professionals, on how to get the most out of attending a professional conference. We recorded the webinar so that others could benefit from his wisdom.

Advance planning for attendance at professional conferences can yield greater benefits in networking, job seeking, establishing collaborations, attracting key people to your presentations, and budgeting your time. Professional meetings post their program schedules in advance to enable you to select concurrent sessions and plan your time efficiently. This webinar will give you planning skills and examples for this task.

Mentoring at ICEC

On your conference registration form, you may notice an option to request a Mentor to meet with you at the ICEC. The question asks you to identify your current level (what level of student or post-graduate you are, or that you are an early career professional) as well as what specific issue(s) you'd like to talk with a Mentor about. Conference organizers will match you with a Mentor, put you in touch with one another before the meeting, and let you arrange a time to meet with your Mentor on your own schedule while in Atlanta. A "Mentoring Room" will be available throughout the conference for pairs to meet at their convenience. Mentors and Mentees frequently stay in touch long after the conference - this could be an excellent opportunity to being or deepen your professional network!

If you did not sign up for a Mentor when you registered, please contact us to request one now!