The 2018 International Cancer Education Conference, organized by the American Association for Cancer Education (AACE), the Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN), and the European Association for Cancer Education (EACE), invites abstracts for Preconference Workshops, Oral Presentations, and Poster Presentations that emphasize cancer education curricula, programs and/or initiatives across the cancer continuum, in relation to the conference theme, Cancer Education: Bridging the Gap through Health Equity, Innovation and Advocacy in Global Communities. Oral and Poster abstracts are required to be categorized as either Research or Practices in Cancer Education, and to be submitted in one or more of nine possible focal areas. Authors have the opportunity to indicate up to five keywords for their submission from a list of over 60 options.

Read the Abstract Submission Instructions thoroughly for all submission details, including our abstract review criteria.

Submit an Abstract

UPDATED Submission Deadlines: 9 May 2018 for Oral/Posters

If you have already submitted your abstract, you can still login to view and edit your abstract. Editing will become disabled after the 9 May 2018 deadline. We will provide a brief window after notifications are made during which you can edit your abstract before it is published in the Journal of Cancer Education.

You must categorize your Oral or Poster abstract as either research or practices in cancer education; it cannot be categorized as both. (Workshop abstracts do not need to be categorized in this manner.)
  • Research in Cancer Education, including research projects, as well as systematic literature reviews, pertaining to cancer education throughout the cancer continuum. Submissions in this category must conform to the Research Abstract Criteria.
  • Practices in Cancer Education, including projects or programs developed to meet a specific need in cancer education throughout the cancer continuum. Submissions in this category must conform to the Practices Abstract Criteria.
Abstract reviewers will use these Abstract Review Rubrics to score your Workshop, Research, and Practices abstracts.

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